​​​Jennifer Giagonelli ​


  • muscle spasms

  • tension related conditions , such as headaches, back /neck / shoulder pain

  • management of  chronic pain

  • repetitive stress injuries

  • anxiety

  • stress

Therapeutic Massage is an advanced form of massage therapy that simultaneously treats the soft tissues of the body, the joints and the nervous system. It is a non-invasive manual therapy technique that gently realigns the entire body. Treatment can result in the alleviation and prevention of pain,  relief of muscle spasms and stress and promotion of overall health and well-being. Relaxation is indeed one of the benefits of a Therapeutic Massage, however, it is very different than a purely Relaxation Massage.  Because Therapeutic Massage is designed to treat a variety of medical conditions, its practice requires extensive training by a skilled therapist.

A Therapeutic Massage is a Deep Tissue Massage. Deep Tissue Massage is defined as placing therapeutic pressure on the muscles and connective tissues of the body in order to relieve pain or provide increased relaxation. Deep Tissue Massage is not merely a Swedish Massage performed with deeper pressure. In fact, when applied with skilled hands, Deep Tissue Massage doesn't hurt.

  • greater flexibility & range of motion

  • promotes faster healing of soft tissue injuries, such as pulled muscles & sprained ligaments

  • reduction in pain & swelling relating to soft tissue injuries

  • reduction in the formation of scar tissue

  • improvement in the circulation of blood & lymph

  • improvement in posture





Therapeutic Massage is extremely beneficial to those experiencing pain, a weak immune system, suffer from bad posture and more importantly are post-operative or in need of surgical rehabilitation.
I personally combine a few distinct massage techniques to obtain unparalleled results.

​​Initially, I employ a Myofascial Release technique, which targets a specific layer (or two) of fascia, lengthening and balancing force within each individual muscle or muscle group.

Next, I utilize a Neuromuscular Therapy technique, this addresses postural distortion, biomechanial dysfunction, nerve compression and ischemia.
Finally, I exercise a Trigger Point technique, placing pressure in a specific manner to penetrate deep into the tissue initiating resistance from the body. The pressure is sustained until the body releases tension. 

Each area is massaged, assessed, and followed to the next restriction.
This technique facilitates very deep work that doesn't feel deep at all. The healthier your muscles are, the less pain you will feel. The true problem area will be the only area of mild discomfort. As your muscles relax and your body returns to balance, you will find yourself tremendously relaxed.​​

Each Therapeutic Massage treatment includes the many extras that other places charge more for such as Deep Tissue Massage,  Moist Heat,  Cold Packs and Aromatherapy. 


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